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Warning! Chemotherapy And Not Cancer Is Killing You!!

If there is one word that most people dread to hear, it is cancer. This six letter word sends shivers down the spine of most people and what is even more alarming is that the risk of a person having one form of cancer or another seems to be increasing daily.

It is believed that in the United States 1 out of every 2 male and 1 out of every 3 female will be at risk of having cancer in their lifetime.

This is shocking indeed, but what is scary to a lot of people is that conventional treatment for cancer and that includes chemotherapy could be doing more harm than good and is actually leading to reduced life spans and increased fatalities.

A former professor from the University of California, Dr. Hardin B. Jones had even gone ahead and publicly stated that chemotherapy will shorten the life span of patients by as much as twelve and a half years.

As the treatment will only cause otherwise healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells and escalate the problem.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones has expectedly received a lot of stick from colleagues in the conventional medical field who have questioned his line of reasoning, but this former doctor of physics and physiology had stated that in his 25 years of research he had discovered that most patients who go through chemotherapy treatment tend to die within just three years of treatment.

Dr. Hardin B.Jones only reiterates what alternative medical practitioners have been saying for years now, suggesting that chemotherapy treatment is not safe and in fact causes more harm than good and that there are natural remedies that will actually help to alleviate the symptoms of cancer and in fact destroy the cancer from the root, one of such natural remedies is the use of cannabis oil.

The reason why cannabis oil and other alternative medicines for treating cancer have being restricted for use and in some cases out rightly  banned, is because the large pharmaceutical companies cannot have patent rights to the use of this herb and also there is no financial gain in a fit and well population.

This may sound outlandish to an ordinary person but medical experts, critics and observers have criticised these large controlling pharmaceutical corporations for their strangle-hold on the overall health of not just some nations but the entire world.

Billions of dollars are pumped annually into the production of drugs that do little to provide full healing solutions to patients and the media help in promoting these drugs. It’s a vicious cycle that involves the pharmaceutical corporations paying the media for expensive advertising campaigns and they get back their money and much more from the sick through the purchase of their drugs.

It would even be dangerous to these pharmaceutical corporations if these media outlets promote preventive remedies such as proper dietary routines, regular exercising regimens and safe, healthy lifestyle habits. As there is no profit to be made from a health conscious population.


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