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Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins In 2 Weeks

There is no sight more worrying than varicose veins on your legs. However this is an increasingly common sight as the pressure of day-to-day living has made people to spend more hours at work just to make ends meet.

You may be wondering what does work have to do with varicose veins?!

Well, quite simply because if your job has you standing or walking for long hours then you are at a higher risk of having varicose veins.

To make matters worse, if your diet is poor and you also put on footwear that is uncomfortable, you will only be aggravating the condition and you could also have added problems such as; corns, cracked heels and dry, scaly and rough skin especially if you do not use a moisturising cream on your feet due to poor hygiene as a result of you spending more time at work and less time to cater for your personal needs.

If you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned, then you may want to stick around for a secret homemade formula that will solve all your problems in just under 2 weeks.

What Is The Secret Formula?

This remedy can be done in your home by you and all you require are three secret ingredients.

What Are The Three Secret Ingredients Required?

The three secret ingredients required include the following;

  • Turmeric herb in powder form – a tablespoon
  • Pure Alcohol – one cup
  • Aspirin tablets – ten tablets

How Is This Secret Formula Concocted?

You will need to carefully follow these instructions when preparing this formula.

Here’s how it’s prepared.

  • First of all you need to crush the aspirin tablets. You can use the back of a spoon to crush them into a fine powder.
  • Pour the pure alcohol into a small bowl and then add the crushed aspirin tablets and turmeric powder.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly mix all the ingredients.
  • Get a lid that can completely cover the bowl and cover the bowl with the lid and leave the formula to sit at room temperature for a full day.
  • After 24 hours the secret formula is ready!

How Do I Use It?

Using this varicose vein remedy is quite simple and all you need to do is massage the mixture onto your legs and feet with the use of cotton balls.

However, make sure that you only do this after waiting for a period of 24 hours as mentioned earlier.

Once you have applied the formula onto your legs and feet, you can then make use of a layer of cotton and a plastic wrap and use these to cover your feet.

After using the layer of cotton and plastic wrap, you can put on a pair of socks. It is advisable that you make use of this formula before bedtime for best results.

Wash your legs and feet with warm water after you have taken off the cotton layer and plastic wrap.

After washing your legs and feet use a clean towel to pat dry and then use a natural moisturising cream on your legs and feet, I would advise you use coconut oil.

You should try this formula daily for a period of 2 weeks and you will notice within this time that your varicose veins, corns, scaly and dry skin as well as cracked heels condition will be eased.


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