Is Kaspersky Antivirus Good?

Kaspersky Lab, the developer of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, is one of the most respected manufacturers of security software in the world, currently in more than 100 countries and employing more than 2000 software security specialists.

Kaspersky is considered a great antivirus, excellent and efficient to protect your computer, and it was elected simply the best Antivirus on the current market in 2020.

I did an individual analysis of Kaspersky, according to the tests of AV-Comparatives, which is a highly respected international organization in antivirus testing and security suites. 

In addition, I used Kaspersky Total Security (most complete version) for 30 days on my main computer, and below you can see the results of the tests.

Kaspersky antivirus test evaluation

To make it easier to read, I separated Kaspersky’s performance into four different AV-Comparatives tests, they are:

  1. Real-time protection
  2. Virus removal
  3. Detecting false positives
  4. Influence on equipment performance

At the end of this overall evaluation, if you decide to buy Kaspersky. I want to leave a link to purchase directly on the official website. Where you can enjoy the best price and always find a promotion.

Let’s go to the Kaspersky antivirus tests!

Real-time protection testing

The real-time protection test is one of the most important to test any antivirus. This protection test indicates the ability of Antivirus to protect your laptop and prevent your equipment from being infected by malware. The Kaspersky received a maximum score (Advanced +) in the test, with 99.9 % efficiency.

The white line in the graph is a comparison with Microsoft’s Windows Defender, which is integrated into the system in Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10.

Virus removal test

This test, as the name suggests, indicates Antivirus’ ability to identify and remove infections from your computer after it has already been infected.

Again, Kaspersky received the maximum rating, Advanced +, with 99.5% efficiency.

False-positive detection tests

The false-positive occurs when Antivirus detects a legitimate file or program as being a threat; in this test, the lower the number, the better your score.

Kaspersky received top marks and was among the best in the test, detecting only two false positives.

Performance influence tests

The performance test assesses the impact of installing Antivirus on the performance of your equipment, the less the influence, the better the performance in the tests. And again maximum score for Kaspersky (Advanced +), with 5.4 points, much lighter than the Windows Defender itself that comes integrated into the system.

Here it is worth mentioning that Avast participated in the tests with the free version, which makes it lighter by having fewer resources than the others.

Professional opinion about Kaspersky

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I tested the complete version of Kaspersky (Total Security) for 30 days on my main computer, and my impressions were the best possible.

As I work with computer maintenance, after backing up my clients’ data to an External HD, I need to use the antivirus scanner before returning the data to the client’s computer, and the performance, in general, was very good.

In addition, it did not hinder the performance of the computer. All menus and settings are in Portuguese (PT-BR) and are very easy to use; the full version is packed with additional protection and recovery features for the equipment.

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There are four different versions, the ideal one for you depends on your need, and they are:

  1. Total Security (Complete)
  2. Internet Security (Intermediate)
  3. Antivirus (Simple)
  4. Internet Security for Android

Where to buy Kaspersky Antivirus

To buy one of the versions go directly to the Kaspersky online store, or in the image below, where you will find the best possible price and some promotions of the different versions.

What did you think of the tests? After answering the question that brought you here, yes! Kaspersky is an excellent Antivirus to protect your computer!

Any other questions use the comments; it will be a pleasure to help.


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