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So, how’s your self-quarantine going, I know the same as mine sitting back on the sofa and looking for what to watch next. Don’t worry I’m here with some exciting, thrilling web series which will not let you feel boredom, you’ll forget that you are following self-quarantine, but wait what if you don’t have a subscription to apps. Let me tell you I also have a solution for that, all these series you can find on 1Movies and guess what, it won’t charge you anything and one more thing I worked really hard to find out such masterpieces just for you guys so, let’s get started.

Mind Hunter

It’s IMDb ratings are 8.6/10, 97% fresh on Rotten tomatoes and 95% Google users liked it. It is a crime, thriller web series. The story is about a serial killer and two FBI agents, as we all know how much psychic mentality serial killers do have, this story just shows that, the two FBI agents who are supposed to take an interview of that serial killer to understand that how a psychopath thinks, acts and what makes him to such criminal offenses. If you love to watch crime and thrill, you must go for this one it’s not just about crime and thrill but also about intelligence, you’ll get to see that how the FBI agents handle the situation, etc. Interesting scenes, it’ll be like an adventure for you. Watch this web series on 1Movies.

The haunting hill house

It’s IMDb ratings are 8.7/10, 93% fresh on rotten tomatoes and 96% google users liked it. It’s a horror, emotional web series, this story follows siblings who grew up in a haunted house, now as adults, they are forced to confront that ghosts again some of them are just in their mind that means they are just imaginary while few are actually present in some dark corners of that hill house. You can actually see a fight between the emotion of memories and fear that the house was the memory of their childhood on the same side that was haunted as well. The acting of the actors is Oscar-winning and the direction and thrill are top-notch. If you are a fan of horror content like me, this will be the best series for you. Watch this web series on 1Movies.

Strange things

It’s IMDb ratings are 8.8/10, 93% fresh on rotten tomatoes and 97% Google users loved it. This is a horror, mysterious series, the story is about a woman whose 12 year’s old son is missing, with the help of local authorities she starts to investigate. That investigation reveals a lot of shocking theories about the involvement of extraordinary mysterious powers, government’s secret experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl. So, if you guys love watching mysterious, horror, thriller content this series is definitely made for you. I personally loved it a lot and I would also suggest you, to invest time in this series. Watch this web series on 1Movies.

Black mirror

It’s IMDb ratings are 8.8/10, 83%fresh on Rotten tomatoes and 4.9/5 on Facebook. It’s a British science fiction anthology television series.  There is a different story in every episode based in modern science technology’s evolution, with a lot of twist and turns, the team behind this show tried their level best to show us the futuristic world. I would suggest you to experience this futuristic world it’s like an adventure, once you started this series, I can assure that you won’t be able to get out of it. Watch this web series on 1Movies.


It is an American sitcom (situation comedy) series which is unexpectedly developed from ABC series Black-ish. It’s a single-cam comedy ( multiple shots and angles in a single take). The story revolves around Johnson’s elder daughter Zoey (she was the firstborn daughter from Johnson’s family) leaves family and joins the college, she makes friends there, but soon she discovered that everything is not the same as she expected when she was at home. Same as a bird who strategies to fly but when she started to fly the strategies made by her become useless now the same situation was with Zoey. So, what you are waiting to go and enjoy her journey. Watch this Web series on 1Movies.

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