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A Thorough Guide on How to become Instagram Influencer

You might be wondering what an Instagram influencer is? Don’t worry because we got all the information we know you require. Basically, Instagram influencers are the users who have built up a substantial loyal fan base on the social platform (Instagram). Instagram Influencers have usually built up their empires through pure hard work and patience. With the passage of time, the fan base starts to increase and influential status of the Instagram profile owner goes up a few notches. This influence can be used in several ways such as promoting some campaign, products or just basically advertising stuff.

Not everyone can be an Instagram influencer but if you want to be one, then there are a few things mentioned below, which you might want to go through before making your next move.

Define Your Niche

A niche is an act that relates to the services, products or the interest that allows a person to focus on representing or expressing the thoughts and ideas to attract the people. To make your Instagram grow fast, working on a specific niche will help you a lot.

By keeping, your goal set in your mind and making everything clear to you first, it will be easier for you to make a prominent success and growth in becoming a famous Instagram influencer. A niche is something you have to consider beforehand, so it will make you become more consistent and enable you to create amazing and unique content relevant to your niche. Although, there are so many influencers already working in one slot, so you have to be more creative and unique in representing your ideas through pictures and videos.

Create Amazing Stories

To become a famous Instagram influencer, presenting your content through unique stories and ideas plays a vital role. Doing this also helps in increasing the visibility and increase the chances to attract more audience. Instagram stories increase visibility and make them reach to maximum people.

Create an Aesthetic Theme

To make your Instagram profile appear more attractive, creating a unique theme will contribute in this respect as well. Creating and following a specific theme will help in increasing the visibility as well, especially when you are just at the initial stage of becoming an Influencer. A few theme ideas that will help in attracting more people to grow Instagram are:

  • Tiles Theme
  • Row Theme
  • Blackboard Theme
  • Mixed White Board Theme
  • Vertical Line Theme

Understand the Interest of your Audience

One of the prominent thing that also contributes significantly to helping an Instagram influencer achieve a high amount of following is by understanding the interest of the audience. It is quite necessary to follow the attention of the followers because it enables the influencers to create the content in which the viewer is highly interested. It also helps in increasing the engagement and make account grow faster.

After understanding the interest of an audience, creating unique and engaging content relevant to their desire will help in keeping them bound to your Instagram account. You can use several tactics to create engaging content like:

  • Organizing contests
  • Creating Polls
  • Creating videos of behind the scenes of your work.

Monetize Your Instagram Account to get paid

Being an Influencer does not benefit you until you start earning through what you express and represent. A significant concern of every influencer is to make their Instagram account monetized quickly so they can make some money through it. Although it is not that much difficult, here a few methods you can use to monetize your account:

  1. Through Sponsored Posts

As Instagram is a great source for marketing, you can market anything like products, SAAS applications, Android Apps and much more. Being an Influencer, you can charge the brands to promote their ideas or products. Although, for others, it is only the picture which they can see once you share it in a unique way by giving sponsors the deserving credits. In this way you can actually make money. If someone approaches you to promote their product/app/brand you can charge a fix amount from them.

  • By Selling Affiliate Products

 Another thing that contributes to making your Instagram monetized is through sharing or selling affiliate products. The marketing brands will reach the influencers with a huge fan following and ask them to share their products. For this, they will allow you some percent of commission on each purchase through your referral and this way can help you in monetization.

  • Promote Your Own Brand

Last but not least, by creating a brand, which represents a specific product or a specific idea, also increase the chances of monetization. If you are having a fan following of at 10,000 followers then roughly 10% of your followers might do a purchase of your self-created brand. This simply means that you can earn a handsome amount but the only thing that matters is creativity and uniqueness.

Remember, Influencers will always be high in demand because they know how to portray everything in such an attractive way that their loyal followers are highly interested in doing as they are told to do. Brands are always looking to sign a deal with influencers who can bring them exposure through their fan base.


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