7 Ways to Earn a Better Side Income

It is a must that everyone is aware of the ways that can boost one’s income to the next level. We will let you explore several ways to earn money on the side if you own some spare or attractive liabilities to rent them out. Like hosting a party in your beautiful garden can make a lot of money for you in just a few hours. Let’s get started with such ideas that can take your side income to the next level.

1. Offer storage room services 

If you have a storage room that you barely use or have plenty of space that you could share, you can rent it in exchange for a pretty good payment.

It is easy, and allows you to make your home profitable. There are several websites where you can publish your ad to start earning extra euros by renting out extra space. If you find some company or goddam service providers by playing some ad, it is one of the reliable ways to earn money on the side by renting out your storage room. Many apps are working in most of the cities like Uhaul, which can offer you the opportunity to rent out your storage rooms.

2. Rent out your garage 

Do you have a parking space or parking that you do not use during the day or the holidays? Rent it out! This is a simple way to earn some money on the side and help others, especially in large cities that often lack parking.

These are some of the platforms where you can rent your garage: Parque, Apparcando. You can find compatible apps which work on this schema to provide services in your local area. 

You can earn between 50 and 100 euros a month to rent your garage, although the price will depend on the location.

Before you ask me for Latin America, unfortunately, I have not found any website to help you find people interested in your garage, but hey, word of mouth also works for these things.

3. Advertise at home 

Advertising is everywhere and aims for every person to convince who can afford a particular product/service. You can make your car the representative of a brand, but did you know that you can also make your garden or wall profitable to put up advertisements?

If you live in a community of neighbors, you can also rent some space in the building for advertising. The building has to meet some characteristics and mainly in the city; they must agree by a majority of the owners.

All those posters and those vast ads on the facades that you see on the street, some that have even become symbols of cities, have probably been rented by people like you through an advertising agency.

4. Earn Money by Typing Jobs

You can earn online money by typing jobs, because it’s the easiest ways to work from home and keep increasing your income. You can check the fiverr, upwork and top freelancing sites that provides such type of jobs.

5. Rent your garden and welcome campers

Your garden can also give you a bit of this special little money, this little money that will allow you to go to the movies or pay you something better than a Burger King.

Some websites allow you to rent your garden to campers.

The truth seems pretty cool to me, where the collaborative economy has come.

Come on; I leave you a website. It is in English, but people are renting in Spain, so I imagine that you can also leave your ad. The web is called Camp in My Garden.

Do you not like English? Valeeeeee, then I leave you a website in Spanish. It’s called Gamping, and there you can do the same: be a host to find some campers. Other than this idea to host campers, you must be aware of plenty of small business ideas. Maybe any of these ideas can boost you up to establish a fulltime or side business.

6. Advertise your car

Of course, advertising is not only on the Internet or in mailboxes. You can also advertise different products/companies, turning your vehicle into an advertising medium. You can put an advertisement on the rear moon, the driver’s door, the hood, etc.

Several advertising agencies are looking for cars to run ad campaigns for their customers. And people use their vehicles to explore such ways to make money. In this regard, you are required to get in contact with a company which deals with such services. Now, your car proves to be a mobile ad player who can earn you money up to 150-200$ without getting engaged in any physical activity to make money.

If you have a car you will also be interested in knowing some ideas that allow you to save, here are some tips with which you can spare a few euros a month.

7. Rent out your home for film

Did you know that your house could become a real movie house? You probably thought that this possibility was very remote, but it is more real than you can imagine. Film and television producers are continually looking for new scenarios. If your room is decorated accordingly as required by the film, serial, or ad makers, you can reach them out to show your house. 

If it suits them best, your house or flat will become a set of filming for a few hours and provides you ways to earn money on the side for a few days or even a few months so that you will receive the rent payment. A necessary condition is to have space for the film crews to work.

Channel1, Discovery 2 are the apps that make a pool of potential sellers and buyers to provide them with property rental services at hand.

According to India’s blog, you can get up to 1500 euros a day by renting your home for a shoot.

Final Verdict 

All these ideas seem to be workable if you become confident to make a side income. Utilize your things in the best possible way to earn reasonable amounts. Technology also offers you instant ways to earn money on the side by providing you with various apps like Airbnb, Uhaul. Taking the best advantage of such apps, you may grow rich in earning some side income. If you find some idea that fits your current availabilities, then find the possible ways to make money through it.

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