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5 Distinguishing Traits Of Mentally Strong Individuals

You probably hear the old cliché of how the ‘power of the mind’ can accomplish just about anything.

While this may actually sound like a sales pitch for a motivational speaker, there is some genuine truth in the potency of a strong mind.

People who are mentally strong are able to accomplish just about anything they put their mind to.

Just look at all the great inventions from people who at the time were mocked and told that their invention was nothing but hog wash.

They all tend to show certain traits that are similar and this article will highlight five (5) of these distinguishing characteristics.

1. Mistakes Are Just A Stepping Stone For Mentally Strong Individuals

Mentally strong individuals do not worry too much about their mistakes. They don’t allow their failings to determine their future other than their ability to learn from them, so that they don’t repeat these errors again. People that are mentally strong are able to pick the pieces of their life, put them back together with consummate ease and move on.

2. A Mentally Strong Individual Won’t Mingle With The Wrong Crowd

Mentally strong people always try to move and hang out with positive thinking people. They will rarely hang out with negative thinking individuals except such a person cannot be avoided like a family member or colleague at work. However, their positive approach to life and radiant optimism will always dominate any discussion with critical and overtly pessimistic individuals.

3. Mentally Strong People Have A Complete Belief In Their Own Abilities

You probably hear a lot of ‘I Can’ propaganda, but in truth that is the attitude of mentally strong individuals. They never believe they can’t do something or anything for that matter and they never back down from a challenge or difficulty. They see this as an opportunity to prove themselves even if they don’t have the prerequisite skill or knowledge necessary. Mentally strong people are risk takers and never sit-on-the-fence or back down for no one or from any situation and circumstance.

4. Mentally Strong People Don’t Hold Grudges

Life is too short to dwell on a grudge, that’s the thinking and attitude of mentally strong people. They don’t have time to waste holding on to negative feelings and emotions. If they have a problem with any person they try as best as they can to resolve it quickly and if they can’t, they simply move on with their life and don’t look back.

5. They Don’t Dwell On Self Pity

One thing you will never see a mentally strong person do is feel sorry for him or herself. It’s not in their character or even DNA. They take life as a game of chess with each move only a step towards achieving their goals, they know their Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook and even Queen may be captured but they don’t wallow in self pity and regret. They improvise, make do with what they have and what life has thrown at them, they adapt and move on with their goals intact and their focus on track always.

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