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10 Steps To Create Successful Brand Promotion Strategy On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best visual platforms where you find millions of users. You can create an effective brand promotion strategy using Instagram. You can get a wider reach on this platform and conversions using these tips.

1.Know Your Target Audience

Instagram is popular with the female population and is a great visual platform to promote brands and products. Select this platform knowing your audience. Most of the users want to discover new brands and products on Instagram. You can create brand awareness by promoting what your brand stands for.

2. Contests

This is a good tactic to use to create huge traffic and conversions. Add pictures and videos to your profile regularly and keep it active. Your brand must always come across in the view of the users. Keep it consistent and interesting so you do not come across as an annoying, spamming users timelines with content. You can create one post per day and use different formats, posting it on different timelines.

3. Tips to use hashtags

Users on Instagram use hashtags to search for content they are looking for. You can use 6 to 8 hashtags to promote your brand. Use all relevant hashtags to get a wider reach. Create every post with a bunch of hashtags to get a wider reach. You can switch between using many to fewer hashtags depending on the content you post. You can also use hashtags in captions to maximize impressions.

4. Tell stories

Everybody loves to hear a story. Tell an inspiring story with a positive motivational message to connect with the users. You can use features such as polls to create user engagement. Promoting your brand with great stories that inspire and let the audience connect emotionally is an effective approach to promote your brand instead of the traditional promotional strategies.

5. Encourage users to post

You can get more people involved by encouraging them to post reviews, pictures, and any content relevant to your brand. It makes them feel appreciated and connected to your brand. You will be able to reach several people across various geographic locations and demographics using this tip.

6. Choose right Instagram influencers

Choosing the right influencer is a crucial decision to make. They can help your brand get a wider reach. Your followers can grow incredibly when you use an influencer to get a wider reach and better engagement.

7. Create a stunning profile

Fill it with words and images that speak of your brand values. Use images, infographics, text, and mixed media to create an attractive profile. A short description of the values and goals of your brand is enough to pique interest in users and let them know what you have to offer.

8. Invest in Instagram ads

There are 5 adoptions that you can make the best use of in paid advertising. You can choose various formats of ads such as photos, videos, slideshows, catalog, and stories. Your brand will get a better exposure using paid advertising on Instagram.

9. Choose a good cause

Promote your brand with a good cause that supports the goals and values of your brand. You will get better engagement and more followers for your brand using this strategy. It must enable users to make good choices that help them build their lives better. You can also raise awareness through your brand and build a good following. There is no word limit on Instagram like Twitter and you can get creative with your captions and content that you post.

10. Promote your Instagram profile on all social networks

You get more followers by doing this. Users from various demographics and geographic locations are likely to see your brand and products. You can many users who connect with your brand. You can place Instagram social icons on many pages to get more likes and a wider reach.

Bonus Point: Get personal

Post-behind-the-scenes pictures to pique the interest of users in your products and generate curiosity around your product. Create high quality as well as creative pictures using filters and various editing options. Create variety so users have a wider scope of product pictures to look at. Choose high-resolution images and get as artsy as possible to create attractive pictures.

Apart from posting content, follow, comment, and like other posts. Be as active as you can be on this account and create interactions with various users, brands, followers, and influencers. Search for trending and popular hashtags and start interactions. Compliment in comments and post original insights in this section that will get other users thinking and the need to know about your brand and follow you.

Pay Attention to Instagram analytics

Choose various Instagram tools such as analytics to get insights on impressions, views, click rate, and many other information that helps you optimize the content you post. Get a business account and use the business tools provided to give you insights and information you can use to get a wider reach and better engagement on older as well as current posts.


Instagram is a great, visual platform with millions of users. You can use these effective strategies to promote your brand and get a wider reach, more followers, popularity, and love from the users. Get creative and connect with your audience creating various formats of content consistently without sounding salesy.

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